Monday, June 14, 2010

My WDYTYA - Uncle Andy and the Old Man's Draft Registration

Last week, I discovered a WWII draft card for Uncle Andy B’s on Uncle Andy B’s draft registration card was part of what was called the “old man’s draft registration” and his card (see side two of card at bottom of post) was signed on April 26, 1942 in New York City. This “old man’s draft registration” was for men born on or between April 28, 1877 and February 16, 1897 and who were ages 45 to 64 when this 1942 military draft registration occurred.

Front Side of Uncle Andy B's WWII Military Draft Registration Card

Age Discrepancies
On the 1942 draft card, Uncle Andy B. used 1895 as his birth year rather than 1899 as indicated on the 1900 census. (Read more about the 1900 census). He used the same birth year (1895) on his WWI military draft registration card. If Uncle Andy B. were indeed born in 1899 as indicated on the 1900 census, he would have been 42-years-old* at the time of this draft rather than 46-years-old as indicated on this 1942 card. Therefore he would have been ineligible to participate in this draft which was for men aged 45-64.

*Note: Uncle Andy B. would have turned 43 on July 4, 1942, which was eight days after he signed his draft card.

Other Information or Discrepancies on 1942 Military Draft Card Other information provided on Uncle Andy B’s 1942 Military Draft Card are as follows:

  • Residency: Card establishes his residence in New York City as of April 26 1942.
  • Address: Card gives his address (421 West 162nd Street) at the time of the registration.
  • Physical Characteristics: Card Indicates physical characteristics such as height (5 ft, 9-1/2) and weight (216 lbs.) His hair color is brown in 1942 according to this card and was “black” in 1917. Might Uncle Andy B. have dyed his hair by this time? It is interesting to note the various shades of complexions ranging from sallow to black that are listed on the 1942 draft card. Uncle Andy B’s complexion is labeled as “black” as opposed to some shade of brown. This description is consistent with the description told to me by my grandmother about her memories of Uncle Andy B. and other members of their family.
  • Employment: Card indicates the name and address of his employer (Zoe Chose, 115 West 60th Street) in 1942.
  • Name and Address of Person Who Will Always Know the Registrant’s Whereabouts: Although relationship is not indicated on this draft card, I know from a 1928 property deed and a New York City Marriage index, that Margaret (Morse) Bullock was Uncle Andy B’s wife.
  • Birth Place: Just like his 1917 draft registration card, this 1942 card indicates Uncle Andy B’s birth place as Henderson, NC which is a city in Vance County. Another document indicates his birth place as Warren County, NC. Warren and Vance are adjoining counties. The only two residences of his family that I know of are the Nutbush township of Warren County, NC and the Drewry area of Vance County, NC. Both of these places were rural areas.
  • Signature: The signature on this card is consistent with ones on his social security application and 1917 WWI draft registration card.

Side Two of Uncle Andy B's WWII Military Draft Registration Card


Stay tuned. . . Coming Up! – Professor Dru Learns About Uncle Andy B’s Two Wives.


Darlene said...

Hey Dru,

Congratulations on your find for Uncle Andrew. I want to alert you that the 'old man's draft' is also located on Family search Pilot AKA Labs. Go to family, Hit the link that says "See the Prototype for searching Millions of records".

You can also see the list of record types they have there, ie Ohio Death Records.. By clicking "Search or Browse our Record Collections". The 'old man's draft' is listed there as US Military... Just to verify Uncle Andy was there bc some states, like Georgia for one, were destroyed. So are not included. As I searched for Uncle A in each burrough, I saw that some of the images were unavailable. I supposed your Uncle Andrew could be, coincidentally the first one in that stack of unavailable images in Manhattan. Check that out. I THINK they were doing server maintenance last weekend. Maybe it will come up tomorrow. The unavailable pages I was seeking last weekend did come up this evening.

I'm looking forward to the next episode.

Terrence Garnett said...

Excellent info Dru! I decided to see if I could locate any relatives and found my grea great-grandfather's brother Ruben Johnson who moved from Texas to California.

Professor Dru said...

Congratulations on your new finding, Terrence.

Professor Dru said...


Thanks for the info about the other websites.