Monday, June 28, 2010

Conclusion to My WDYTYA Episode

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In my first posting on May 30th in this series, I established several goals related to researching my Uncle Andy B. I had no idea of how many postings I would write on this topic, but I felt the need to get my analysis down in writing. I did not think that I had a lot of information on my Uncle Andy B., but, what I discovered through my writing was that I knew more than I thought I did. As a result of my endeavor, writing out an analysis on each source of information helped me to see a clearer picture of the life of Uncle Andy B. I did not see the same picture by just reading or studying the individual documents.

Analysis of Goals
I set several goals when I began this endeavor. Below is my analysis of my achievement or progress towards reaching these goals.

Goal #1 was to complete a timeline and analysis of documents and facts that I had already collected. I achieved his goal by writing and analyzing each document collected.

Goal #2 was to help other researchers learn about the document analysis process. Based on the numerous comments through my blog, Twitter, Facebook, emails, and Myfamily website, I believe that my writings helped other researchers to think about the document analysis process.

Goal #3 was to learn more about New York genealogical resources. I discovered that I had emails from 2006 and 2008 buried in my Inbox from the Queen’s New York library which provided me with information about what genealogical resources were available for Queens. I also discovered various resources from the New York Public Library which included a marriage record index in which Uncle Andy B. was listed as having married Margaret Morse on May 28, 1924. Another library source I discovered was a service provided by the NYPL library where you can request a three year look up of one name in New York City directories. An Andrew Bullock was listed to directories from 1931 to 1934 living in New York City. A name of spouse was not listed in these city directories, therefore I am not positive if any of the “Andrew Bullocks” listed in these directories, were my uncle.

Additionally, I also discovered various microfilm for New York City which can be ordered through the Family History Center. Another option is for me to travel to Washington, DC (about a 3.5 hour drive) to look at city directories on microfilm at the Library of Congress.

Goal #4 was to discover new documents related to life of Uncle Andy B. During this writing process, I discovered two additional documents (a marriage date from a marriage index of his first marriage, and a 1942 military draft card for Uncle Andy B.)

Avenues for Further Research
I also discovered that there are several avenues for further research on Uncle Andy B’s life. In my quest, I discovered two additional records on Uncle Andy B. and also discovered that I already had information in my e-mail from four years ago about the availability of records and Queens, New York.

As a result of my document analysis, I am planning to focus on the following research areas by:

  1. Gathering more information about Uncle Andy B’s military career during WWI.
  2. Obtaining marriage licenses to first wife and second wife.
  3. Researching social history in particular the Harlem renaissance and what it was like living in Harlem during Uncle Andy B’s lifetime.
  4. Locating obituaries for Uncle Andy B and his wives.
  5. Locating additional city directory/telephone book listings in New York City and Queens New York.
  6. Locating other people who knew Uncle Andy B to collect oral history and their memories of him.
  7. Locating Uncle Andy B on state and Federal census living in New York.
  8. Discovering more about his life in Queens New York.

For now, I will put the researching of Uncle Andy B. on hold. Perhaps, at a later time, I will do this exercise on other ancestors and family members. I’m sure that I will pick up the Uncle Andy B. research again, but at least for a little while, I’ll concentrate on researching other family lines.


Kristin said...

This is something I need to do for my great grandmother, Jennie V. Allen Turner. I have collected information about her and have my mother's writings but I need to write about what I have and see what I need to get. Thank you for the inspiration.

Linda and Richard Meadows said...

OOOh! This is awesome! You are constantly evolving in your research and delivery of pertinent information that all can easily benefit from. Thanks for the inspiration Professor Dru! May God continue to bless your wonderful endeavors!

Linda Mose Meadows, Inspirational Author & Columnist

my Heritage Happens said...

Nice series! I enjoyed this very much and LOVE your intro podcast! Well done!

Susan Clark said...

GREAT series! I'm so glad you pointed back to this as one of your favorites of 2010. Beautifully structured and detailed.