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My WDYTYA Episode - Census Research

Household of Andrew and Luvenia Bullock
Nutbush Township, Vol. 68, ED 96, House 244, Family 244, Sheet 13A , Lines 47-50, and Sheet 13B, Lines 1-6


The only census which I have located Uncle Andy B. on is the one for 1900. On censuses for 1910-1930, I have tried various methods to locate either Uncle Andy B. as an adult (1920 and 1930) or his family (1910), but thus far my efforts have been unsuccessful.

Where Did I Obtain Census?
Early on in my research after 1994, I looked at the census on microfilm for my NC and VA ancestors at my local library. Later, probably sometimes after the year 2000, I obtained a subscription to and was therefore able to look at these census pages online.

1900 Census
On the 1900 census, Andrew, Jr. aka Uncle Andy B. was the youngest of eight children living in the household of his parents Andrew and Luvenia Bullock in the Nutbush township of Warren County, NC. The eight children ranged in ages from 10 months to 17 years old. The birth month and year of Uncle Andy B. was listed as July 1899. While all other accounts of his birth indicate a birth month of July, the reported birth years on various documents range from 1895 to 1899.

The 1900 census also indicates that Uncle Andy B’s parents had been married for 18 years. This led to the discovery of a marriage license (February 8, 1882) in Warren County, NC for Andrew Bullock, son of Ottoway and Mimmy Bullock, to Luvenia Jeffress, daughter of Green and Ella Scott Jeffress.

Census Pages
When looking at the census, experts suggest that researchers look on several pages before and after whatever family they are focusing on. Household #240 in Warren County begins on line 47 at the bottom of the page on the 1900 census starting with Andrew Bullock, Sr. on down through his son John. The remaining members of this household (James – Andrew, Jr.) are listed on the top of the next page on lines 1 to 6. These two pages were written with two different types of ink pens; one ballpoint and the other a finer or thinner tip. To me, the handwriting looks to be that of the same writer.

1910 Census
If Uncle Andy B’s age is accurate on the 1900 census, then he would have been 10-years-old at the time of the 1910 census. (He would have turned 11 in July of that year). However, I have not been able to locate the Bullock family on the 1910 census. I have searched line for line on the 1910 Warren County, NC census as well as on the 1910 Vance County, NC census, which is an adjacent county the Bullock family moved to some time possibly in 1910.*

*Note: I found a 1910 land deed (cannot find my notes right now) in Vance County, NC where Andrew Bullock, Sr. purchased land. Maybe the Bullock family was in the process of moving during the time of the census which caused them to miss being listed on the 1910 census in either Warren or Vance counties.

1920 and 1930 Censuses
Furthermore, I have not been able to locate Uncle Andy B. on the 1920 and 1930 censuses. He was likely living in NY during these census years. I currently have three documents from the time period 1917-1936 which indicates Uncle Andy B’s residence as New York City.

  • 1917: WWI draft registration card (birth year 1895)
  • 1928: Land deed of family property in Vance County, NC in which indicates Uncle Andy B’s residence as New York City. (no age or birth year given)
  • 1936: Social security card application (birth year 1895)

These three documents and Uncle Andy B’s age conflicts will be discussed more in depth in future blog postings.

Stay tuned. . . Coming Up! – Professor Dru Discovers Uncle Andy B’s WWI Draft Registration Card


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