Monday, June 28, 2010

Conclusion to My WDYTYA Episode

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In my first posting on May 30th in this series, I established several goals related to researching my Uncle Andy B. I had no idea of how many postings I would write on this topic, but I felt the need to get my analysis down in writing. I did not think that I had a lot of information on my Uncle Andy B., but, what I discovered through my writing was that I knew more than I thought I did. As a result of my endeavor, writing out an analysis on each source of information helped me to see a clearer picture of the life of Uncle Andy B. I did not see the same picture by just reading or studying the individual documents.

Analysis of Goals
I set several goals when I began this endeavor. Below is my analysis of my achievement or progress towards reaching these goals.

Goal #1 was to complete a timeline and analysis of documents and facts that I had already collected. I achieved his goal by writing and analyzing each document collected.

Goal #2 was to help other researchers learn about the document analysis process. Based on the numerous comments through my blog, Twitter, Facebook, emails, and Myfamily website, I believe that my writings helped other researchers to think about the document analysis process.

Goal #3 was to learn more about New York genealogical resources. I discovered that I had emails from 2006 and 2008 buried in my Inbox from the Queen’s New York library which provided me with information about what genealogical resources were available for Queens. I also discovered various resources from the New York Public Library which included a marriage record index in which Uncle Andy B. was listed as having married Margaret Morse on May 28, 1924. Another library source I discovered was a service provided by the NYPL library where you can request a three year look up of one name in New York City directories. An Andrew Bullock was listed to directories from 1931 to 1934 living in New York City. A name of spouse was not listed in these city directories, therefore I am not positive if any of the “Andrew Bullocks” listed in these directories, were my uncle.

Additionally, I also discovered various microfilm for New York City which can be ordered through the Family History Center. Another option is for me to travel to Washington, DC (about a 3.5 hour drive) to look at city directories on microfilm at the Library of Congress.

Goal #4 was to discover new documents related to life of Uncle Andy B. During this writing process, I discovered two additional documents (a marriage date from a marriage index of his first marriage, and a 1942 military draft card for Uncle Andy B.)

Avenues for Further Research
I also discovered that there are several avenues for further research on Uncle Andy B’s life. In my quest, I discovered two additional records on Uncle Andy B. and also discovered that I already had information in my e-mail from four years ago about the availability of records and Queens, New York.

As a result of my document analysis, I am planning to focus on the following research areas by:

  1. Gathering more information about Uncle Andy B’s military career during WWI.
  2. Obtaining marriage licenses to first wife and second wife.
  3. Researching social history in particular the Harlem renaissance and what it was like living in Harlem during Uncle Andy B’s lifetime.
  4. Locating obituaries for Uncle Andy B and his wives.
  5. Locating additional city directory/telephone book listings in New York City and Queens New York.
  6. Locating other people who knew Uncle Andy B to collect oral history and their memories of him.
  7. Locating Uncle Andy B on state and Federal census living in New York.
  8. Discovering more about his life in Queens New York.

For now, I will put the researching of Uncle Andy B. on hold. Perhaps, at a later time, I will do this exercise on other ancestors and family members. I’m sure that I will pick up the Uncle Andy B. research again, but at least for a little while, I’ll concentrate on researching other family lines.

Friday, June 18, 2010

My WDYTYA Episode - Uncle Andy B's Two Wives

My research indicates that Uncle Andy B. had at least two wives. Wife #1 was named Margaret Morse Bullock and Wife #2 was named Carolyn Bullock (maiden name not known at this time.) The names of these two wives were discovered through various sources (a family property deed, military records, marriage index, funeral program, social security death index, and cemetery records.) These sources were obtained through the Internet, family sources, and from the county deeds office.

Wife #1
Early on in my research, I discovered the name of a wife (Margaret) in a 1928 deed for Uncle Andy B's family property in Vance County, NC. He and his wife Margaret were living in New City at the time of this deed transaction.

Within the last few weeks, I discovered two other documents which mention the name of Wife #1 (Margaret.) Both items were found on the Internet. The first was a marriage index found on the website of the New York Public Library. Though this online index, I learned that the maiden name of the first wife was "Morse" and that she an Uncle Andy B. married on May 28, 1924 in the Manhattan area of New York City. I plan to order microfilm from the Family History Library which contains this couples' marriage license.

The second document where Wife #1 was mentioned was on Uncle Andy B's 1942 WWII draft card which was part of the "old man's draft registration." This document was found on

The combination of these three documents indicate that Uncle Andy B. and his wife, Margaret, were married at least for 18 years (between 1924 and 1942).

Wife #2

By the time of his death in March 1972, Uncle Andy B. had another wife who was named "Carolyn." Many years after I began researching, I re-examined the 1982 funeral program of my great-great grandmother, Bell Bullock Johnson. In the list of her survivors was noted "one sister-in-law, Carolyn Bullock, of St. Albans, NY." I learned from family members that "Carolyn Bullock" was the wife of Uncle Andy B. who was a brother of my great-grandmother.

After this discovery, I searched for Carolyn Bullock 0n the social security death index. The results of this search gave me her date of birth (June 9, 1901) and the month and year of her death (January 1995). The social security death index also indicated that her middle initial was "J."

Another Internet search on directed me to the above cemetery record for her which indicated that she was "the wife of Andrew Bullock" and was buried in the Long Island National Cemetery next to her husband.

One thing that I learned through discovering Carolyn J. Bullock is to re-examine or re-read records. If I had not looked at my great-grandmother's funeral program again, I would have missed this valuable clue. These three records found on Carolyn Bullock give indicate her the years of her lifespan.

A few weeks ago, I requested a search for the funeral programs of Andrew and Carolyn Bullock from the Queens, NY Library. Library staff searched the local newspaper where this couple lived, but did not find newspaper obituaries for either one of them.

And so the search continues...

Stay tuned. . . Coming Up! – Final Scene - Professor Dru Summarizes What She Has Learned and Makes Plans for Further Research.

Monday, June 14, 2010

My WDYTYA - Uncle Andy and the Old Man's Draft Registration

Last week, I discovered a WWII draft card for Uncle Andy B’s on Uncle Andy B’s draft registration card was part of what was called the “old man’s draft registration” and his card (see side two of card at bottom of post) was signed on April 26, 1942 in New York City. This “old man’s draft registration” was for men born on or between April 28, 1877 and February 16, 1897 and who were ages 45 to 64 when this 1942 military draft registration occurred.

Front Side of Uncle Andy B's WWII Military Draft Registration Card

Age Discrepancies
On the 1942 draft card, Uncle Andy B. used 1895 as his birth year rather than 1899 as indicated on the 1900 census. (Read more about the 1900 census). He used the same birth year (1895) on his WWI military draft registration card. If Uncle Andy B. were indeed born in 1899 as indicated on the 1900 census, he would have been 42-years-old* at the time of this draft rather than 46-years-old as indicated on this 1942 card. Therefore he would have been ineligible to participate in this draft which was for men aged 45-64.

*Note: Uncle Andy B. would have turned 43 on July 4, 1942, which was eight days after he signed his draft card.

Other Information or Discrepancies on 1942 Military Draft Card Other information provided on Uncle Andy B’s 1942 Military Draft Card are as follows:

  • Residency: Card establishes his residence in New York City as of April 26 1942.
  • Address: Card gives his address (421 West 162nd Street) at the time of the registration.
  • Physical Characteristics: Card Indicates physical characteristics such as height (5 ft, 9-1/2) and weight (216 lbs.) His hair color is brown in 1942 according to this card and was “black” in 1917. Might Uncle Andy B. have dyed his hair by this time? It is interesting to note the various shades of complexions ranging from sallow to black that are listed on the 1942 draft card. Uncle Andy B’s complexion is labeled as “black” as opposed to some shade of brown. This description is consistent with the description told to me by my grandmother about her memories of Uncle Andy B. and other members of their family.
  • Employment: Card indicates the name and address of his employer (Zoe Chose, 115 West 60th Street) in 1942.
  • Name and Address of Person Who Will Always Know the Registrant’s Whereabouts: Although relationship is not indicated on this draft card, I know from a 1928 property deed and a New York City Marriage index, that Margaret (Morse) Bullock was Uncle Andy B’s wife.
  • Birth Place: Just like his 1917 draft registration card, this 1942 card indicates Uncle Andy B’s birth place as Henderson, NC which is a city in Vance County. Another document indicates his birth place as Warren County, NC. Warren and Vance are adjoining counties. The only two residences of his family that I know of are the Nutbush township of Warren County, NC and the Drewry area of Vance County, NC. Both of these places were rural areas.
  • Signature: The signature on this card is consistent with ones on his social security application and 1917 WWI draft registration card.

Side Two of Uncle Andy B's WWII Military Draft Registration Card


Stay tuned. . . Coming Up! – Professor Dru Learns About Uncle Andy B’s Two Wives.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My WDYTYA Episode - Uncle Andy B's Death Records

Thus far, I have two records which provide me with information on Uncle Andy B’s death in 1972. Both records were obtained from the Internet. The first is from the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) and the second is from the U. S. Veterans Gravesites database on

I discovered Uncle Andy B’s social security death index record early on in my research along with SSDI records on four of his sisters, Bell (my great grandmother), Channie, Bessie, and Mima. Uncle Andy B’s SSDI record provided me with four pieces of information and one discrepancy.

Information Provided from SSDI Record

  • Zip code (11412) where he was living at time of death.
  • Residence at time of death (St. Albans, Queens, NY)
  • State where social security card was issued (New York)
  • Month and Year of Death (March 1972)

Discrepancy on SSDI Record

The discrepancy on Uncle Andy B’s SSDI record is that his birthday is indicated as the 31st of July rather than the 4th which is the day listed on other records.

Cemetery Record

Later on in my research I discovered a cemetery record on Uncle Andy B. from the U.S. Veterans Gravesites database, 1775-2006m on This provided me with five pieces of information and one discrepancy.

Information Provided from Cemetery Record

  • Military History: Military Rank, war he served in, and dates of service (SGT WWI, enlisted October 30, 1917)
  • Date of death (March 15, 1972)
  • Date of burial (March 20, 1972)
  • Location of burial site in cemetery (Section 2D, Site 6840)

Discrepancies on Cemetery Record

  • Birth Year Conflict. The year of birth on this cemetery record (1896) conflicts with the year on his SSDI record (1895)

Other Death Records on Uncle Andy B.

  • Death Certificate. Since I am not a direct kin of Uncle Andy B., I will have to wait until March 2022, to obtain his death certificate. This will be the 50th anniversary of his death. Some states live New York have restrictions on who can access vital records. If Uncle Andy B. had died in his home state of North Carolina, than I would not have any problem obtaining his death certificate.
  • Newspaper Obituary. Last week I ordered a newspaper obituary for Uncle Andy B. from the Queens, NY Library. I hope to receive this obituary by the end of the month.

Stay tuned. . . Coming Up! – Professor Dru Discovers Another Military Record for Uncle Andy B.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My WDYTYA - Uncle Andy B's Social Security Application

The social security application of Uncle Andy B. gives a variety of tidbits about this life.

  1. Address. Uncle Andy B’s address on St. Nicholas Avenue in December 1936. Hopefully I can find out more about this residence through looking at city directories.
  2. Parents and Mother’s Maiden Name. The name of his parents although I already knew this information. His mother’s maiden name, however, is listed as “Jefferson”, but records such as the 1870 and 1880 censuses when she was a child as well as her marriage license indicate her maiden name was “Jeffress.” Ironically, the maiden name "Jefferson" is what I was told from family members about Uncle Andy B's mother.
  3. Name and Address of Employer. I’ll need to do some research on this museum and restaurant.
  4. Birth year. 1895 is the year indicated on this document. It agrees with the year used on his 1917 military draft registration card, however does not agree with the year given on the 1900 census. Read more about Uncle Andy B’s Age Discrepancy.
  5. Signature of Uncle Andy B. His signature is also on his military draft registration card.

    Stay tuned. . . Coming Up! – Professor Dru Discovers Records Related to Uncle Andy B’s Death.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Reflections On Writing About Uncle Andy B. This Week

Today, I pause to reflect on my accomplishments this week in my marathon writing analysis of documents collected on my Uncle Andy B. Sometimes we can see our research clearer when we write it out and this is exactly what happened each day as I wrote about a particular document I had collected on my uncle. When I first began this endeavor, it seemed like I didn’t know much about this uncle, but now after six postings this week, and more to come, I feel like I know a lot more than I originally thought.

First Accomplishment
It was very difficult to write the first few days and it felt like I was starting a new exercise plan or diet. However, as the days progressed, it because easier to write and the words flowed more freely as I adjusted to my new writing routine.

Second Accomplishment
A second accomplishment this week was that I wrote and posted blog articles for seven days in a row (including today).

Third Accomplishment
A third accomplishment is that I discovered that I already had information in my email on where to order newspaper obituaries for Queens, NY where Uncle Andy B. lived in his later life and died. The information was acquired in 2006 and 2008, but I forgot I had it. (Shame on me!) Nevertheless, this week, I mailed in my request for Uncle Andy B’s newspaper obituary as well as the one for his wife.

I’m looking forward to completing this writing analysis as well as discovering other new avenues for research on Uncle Andy B.

Stay Tuned... Coming Up! Professor Dru Discovers Uncle Andy B's Social Security Application

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Friday, June 4, 2010

My WDYTYA Episode - The Bullock Family Land Records and Deeds

Sometimes genealogical information can be found in records and deeds related to property. This is the case in the December 1, 1928 deed of the Bullock family where Uncle Andy B. and his siblings deeded their share of the property they inherited from their father, Andrew (Sr.), to their mother, Luvenia. The property in question in this deed was 80 acres of land located in the Nutbush township of Vance County, NC. The deed also gave a death year for Grandpa Andrew (Sr.) and I was able to locate his death certificate which indicated that he died on March 15, 1915 in Vance County, NC.

WITNESSTH: That Whereas heretofore in the year if 1915, Andrew Bullock departed this life, intestate, seized, and possessed, of the hereinafter described real property, and left surviving him his widow, Luvenia Bullock, the grantee herein named and children . . .

I also learned from this deed where Uncle Andy B. was living in 1928 and that he had married by this time. This apparently was a first marriage, because by the time he died in 1972, he had another wife.

. . . Andrew Bullock and wife Margaret Bullock of New York City, of the first part…

Source: Vance County Deed Book 154, Pages 171-173, December 1, 1928


Clues for Marriage License Search
Using the information from the 1917 military draft card, where Uncle Andy B. was listed as ‘single’ and this 1928 land deed where he was listed as ‘married, I plan to look for a New York marriage license between June 5, 1917 and December 1, 1928.

Stay tuned. . . Coming Up! – Professor Dru Pauses to Reflect on a Week of Writing about Uncle Andy B.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My WDYTYA Episode - Age Discrepancy on Military Draft Registration Card

I found Uncle Andy B’s 1917 military draft registraton card on several years ago. This draft registration card provides invaluable information about Uncle Andy B. as well as raises some questions such as the age discrepancy.

Age Discrepancies
This 1917 registration draft was for men ages 21 to 31. Uncle Andy B’s card indicates that he was 21-years-old and born in 1895, instead of 1899 as indicated on the 1900 census. If 1899 was his actual birth year, then Uncle Andy B. was actually 17-years-old when he filled on this card on June 5th which was a little less than a month before his 18th birthday on the 4th of July in 1917. (Read more about the 1900 census findings). Other documents found so far, except for the 1900 census, indicate a birth year of 1895 or 1896. I still believe the earlier birth year from the census is more accurate. (The birth year discrepancy will be discussed more indepth in a future blog posting.)

Other Information or Discrepancies On Draft Card
Other information or discrepancies on Uncle Andy B’s Draft Card are as follows:
  • Residency: Card establishes his residence in New York City by June 5, 1917.
  • Address: Card gives his address at the time of the registration. Hopefully additional information on his residence and neighborhood can be obtained from the NY City Directories.
  • Physical Characteristics: Card Indicates physical characteristics such as height and build.
  • Employment: Card indicates his occupation and employer in 1917.
  • Birth Place: Card indicates his birth place as Henderson, NC which is a city in Vance County. Another document indicates his birth place as Warren County, NC. Warren and Vance are adjoining counties. The only two residences of his family that I know of are the Nutbush township of Warren County, NC and the Drewry area of Vance County, NC. Both of these places were rural areas.

Stay tuned. . . Coming Up! – Professor Dru learns about Uncle Andy B. from Family Property Deed .

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My WDYTYA Episode - Census Research

Household of Andrew and Luvenia Bullock
Nutbush Township, Vol. 68, ED 96, House 244, Family 244, Sheet 13A , Lines 47-50, and Sheet 13B, Lines 1-6


The only census which I have located Uncle Andy B. on is the one for 1900. On censuses for 1910-1930, I have tried various methods to locate either Uncle Andy B. as an adult (1920 and 1930) or his family (1910), but thus far my efforts have been unsuccessful.

Where Did I Obtain Census?
Early on in my research after 1994, I looked at the census on microfilm for my NC and VA ancestors at my local library. Later, probably sometimes after the year 2000, I obtained a subscription to and was therefore able to look at these census pages online.

1900 Census
On the 1900 census, Andrew, Jr. aka Uncle Andy B. was the youngest of eight children living in the household of his parents Andrew and Luvenia Bullock in the Nutbush township of Warren County, NC. The eight children ranged in ages from 10 months to 17 years old. The birth month and year of Uncle Andy B. was listed as July 1899. While all other accounts of his birth indicate a birth month of July, the reported birth years on various documents range from 1895 to 1899.

The 1900 census also indicates that Uncle Andy B’s parents had been married for 18 years. This led to the discovery of a marriage license (February 8, 1882) in Warren County, NC for Andrew Bullock, son of Ottoway and Mimmy Bullock, to Luvenia Jeffress, daughter of Green and Ella Scott Jeffress.

Census Pages
When looking at the census, experts suggest that researchers look on several pages before and after whatever family they are focusing on. Household #240 in Warren County begins on line 47 at the bottom of the page on the 1900 census starting with Andrew Bullock, Sr. on down through his son John. The remaining members of this household (James – Andrew, Jr.) are listed on the top of the next page on lines 1 to 6. These two pages were written with two different types of ink pens; one ballpoint and the other a finer or thinner tip. To me, the handwriting looks to be that of the same writer.

1910 Census
If Uncle Andy B’s age is accurate on the 1900 census, then he would have been 10-years-old at the time of the 1910 census. (He would have turned 11 in July of that year). However, I have not been able to locate the Bullock family on the 1910 census. I have searched line for line on the 1910 Warren County, NC census as well as on the 1910 Vance County, NC census, which is an adjacent county the Bullock family moved to some time possibly in 1910.*

*Note: I found a 1910 land deed (cannot find my notes right now) in Vance County, NC where Andrew Bullock, Sr. purchased land. Maybe the Bullock family was in the process of moving during the time of the census which caused them to miss being listed on the 1910 census in either Warren or Vance counties.

1920 and 1930 Censuses
Furthermore, I have not been able to locate Uncle Andy B. on the 1920 and 1930 censuses. He was likely living in NY during these census years. I currently have three documents from the time period 1917-1936 which indicates Uncle Andy B’s residence as New York City.

  • 1917: WWI draft registration card (birth year 1895)
  • 1928: Land deed of family property in Vance County, NC in which indicates Uncle Andy B’s residence as New York City. (no age or birth year given)
  • 1936: Social security card application (birth year 1895)

These three documents and Uncle Andy B’s age conflicts will be discussed more in depth in future blog postings.

Stay tuned. . . Coming Up! – Professor Dru Discovers Uncle Andy B’s WWI Draft Registration Card

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My WDYTYA Episode - Oral History

Note: Thanks to all of you who have read my previous postings about my Great Grand Uncle Andrew Bullock. A special thanks to William Carson, of Afrigeneas Genealogy and History Forum for nicknaming my uncle “Uncle Andy B.” I love this nickname and to plan use it in my blog postings. Thanks William for your permission.

He said…? She said…? Who really said it? This is both my dilemma and regrets for not always documenting the sources of oral history or “who said what” regarding Uncle Andy B. and others. Now as I write up my oral history tradition about Uncle Andy B’s life, my memory grows fuzzy with regard to who really said what. Some of these “informants” are still alive and well so I can still ask them questions again, while others are now deceased or not so well in mind now.

Throughout my years of tracing my family history, I have learned many facts about my family through oral history. In some cases, I conducted formal interviews where I took notes and tape recorded the conversations. In other cases, I learned tidbits about my family through informal conversations with my older relatives by phone or face-to-face. From my recollections of conversations within the last 15 years of researching, I gathered several bits of information about Uncle Andy B.

In analyzing the oral history information learned about Uncle Andy B., I will identify the sources of oral history by their kinship to him and comment whether they are alive or deceased. If alive, I will comment on what I know about their health or state of mind.

I first learned that I had a Great Grand Uncle named Andrew Bullock from two of his nieces and a brother-in-law at a family reunion in 1989. Later, I learned several things about him from the following sources whom I’ll refer to as “Informants.”

Informant #1
Niece saw him once at family funeral in 1951; remembers him as tall and dark-skinned. Informant still living and in good state of mind.

Informant #2
Niece in law visited him on several occasions with her husband (one of Uncle Andy B.’s nephews), Attended his March 20 1972 funeral. Informant is now deceased. I think that she mentioned that Uncle Andy B. had stepchildren.*

Informant #3
Niece visited him when she lived in NY and attended his March 20, 1972 funeral. I think that she also mentioned that Uncle Andy B. had stepchildren.* Informant still living and in good state of mind.


*Note: My memory is fuzzy with regard to who said what about Uncle Andy B. having stepchildren. I think that both Informants #2 and #3 mentioned that Uncle Andy B. had stepchildren. Since both of them visited him during his lifetime, they both would have probably known about the stepchildren. I am not sure which informant (#2 or #3) gave me details on the gender of the stepchildren and the names of some of them. The recollection is that Uncle Andy B. did not have biological children, but had one stepson and two stepdaughters. The informant thought that the stepson’s name was Johnny; and that one of he stepdaughter’s name was Winny. Informant did not remember the name of the second stepdaughter.


Informant #4
First Cousin who may have interacted with him when both lived in NY. Informant still living. This first cousin who is in his early 80s possibly has Alzheimers, but I am not sure how severe. This informant did not tell me directly, but reportedly told another Bullock family researcher that Andy B. left home during his teenage years and moved to NY to live with relatives. He and Uncle Andy B. were first cousins and it is likely that their paths crossed in NY. I have met and had several conversations with this informant and probably brought up Uncle Andy B’s name during our conversation after I learned that informant lived in NY during his adult years. If this conversation took place, I do not remember anything in particular that this informant said.

Other Oral History Conversations
I am positive that I asked others about Uncle Andy B. during times when I have inquired about memories of the children Uncle Andy B’s parents, Andrew and Luvenia Bullock. Nothing significant is remembered from these inquiries other than Uncle Andy B. was the son who lived in New York.

More Possible Informants
There are still a few living relatives whom I have not talked to yet, who likely remember Uncle Andy B. or remember hearing about him. Uncle Andy B. has several first cousins still living, one in particular who moved from NC to New York during her early adult life. Last time I saw her, she was 95 years old, very spry, and walking better than I was. I can’t remember what year I last saw her and for some reason I don’t have her date of birth recorded in my family tree file. Yesterday I posted a message on our Bullock family website to ask about this cousin’s well being as well as contact information for her. If this cousin is not well enough to talk, then there are other possible persons such as her son who might be in his 70s or 80s or other living cousins or nieces and nephews of Uncle Andy B.

Stay tuned. . . Coming Up! – Professor Dru learns about Uncle Andy B. from the Census.