Friday, April 25, 2008

Family Heirlooms

I have inherited numerous family heirlooms from my mother’s family. They include objects which were owned by ancestors dating back as far as my great-great grandmother Luvenia Jeffress Bullock (1864-1951.) In the late 1980s, my maternal grandmother gave me a chair which belonged to her Grandma Ven. “I’m giving you this chair that belonged to my Grandma Ven,” my grandmother told me, “but you got to promise not to sell it.” I did promise not to sell the chair. Even though I had not begun genealogy research at that time, I still saw value in this family heirloom and the importance of holding on to this family treasure.

When I first began researching in 1994, I used this chair at my computer. Today, this chair is located in a bedroom in my house and I sit in it often. These two photos were taken in 2002 of my great-nephew Vincent whom we call “C. J.” Grandma Ven is a 4th grandmother of C. J.

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