Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Admixture DNA Results

The admixture DNA results for my maternal grandmother arrived yesterday. Using an admixture DNA test, you learn more about your ancestral percentages of Indo-European, Native American, Sub-Saharan African, and East Asian heritage – based upon the biogeographical history of your ancestors. This test evaluates the 22 pairs of chromosomes inherited from both parents. Admixture results will vary among siblings in a family. However, mitochondrial (maternal line) and Y-chromosome (paternal line) DNA are the same for all siblings of the same mother or father. These genes also will be the same for any relatives kin on a maternal or paternal line (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.)

My Grandmother’s admixture DNA results were:

  • 89% Sub-Saharan African

  • 6% Native American

  • 5% East Asian

  • 0% Indo-European

She was born in NC and does not have an oral history of Native American or East Asian ancestry in her family.

My admixture DNA results were received earlier this year:

  • 22% Native American

  • 78% Sub-Saharan African

  • 0% East Asian

  • 0% Indo-European

I expected some Native American genes in myself because of the oral history in my father's family. However, I have not heard of an oral history of Native American ancestry in my mother’s family. Unfortunately my mother died last year, but based on her mother's results, I believe it is possible that I got some of the 22% of Native American genes from her. I hope to have my father test soon.

For additional information on the admixture DNA test, visit the AncestrybyDNA website.

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