Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jerman Family Maternal DNA Results

I received maternal DNA results last week from Ancestry DNA. These results were for my great-great grandmother Susan “Susie” Jerman Johnson (abt. 1858-1939) and her mother Rebecca who was born around 1815 in SC. Grandma Susie is the paternal grandmother of my Grandma Emma. Grandma Emma is my maternal grandmother. Grandma Susie and her family moved to Warren County, NC during the 1850s possibly with their slave master. Although not confirmed, I suspect that they were once owned by Dr. Thomas Palmer Jerman (1826-1905) who was born in St. James Santee, SC and moved to Warren County, NC around 1851. The DNA test was taken by a great granddaughter of Grandma Susie and the results were Haplogroup L, which is African.

After receiving the results, I inputted them into the website and found one exact match both on the HRV1 and HVR2 sections. I emailed this new genetic cousin and she and I have been communicating through email in order to compare our family trees.

Her oldest known ancestor on this matching line is her great-great grandmother, Anne Gannaway Welborn who was born around 1834 and lived in Randolph County, NC after the Civil War.

The mitochondrial DNA is passed through the female line and our common ancestry may have occurred either within a genealogical timeframe, or hundreds to thousands of years ago. For the sake of my new genetic cousin and me, we hope that this common ancestry occurred during a genealogical timeframe and that we are able to discover the specifics of the kinship.

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Terri said...

I'm curious - do you feel the expense of the DNA study was worth the cost? In other words did you learn anything new about your heritage. Would it be something you would recommend to others?