Thursday, June 2, 2011

Going Social With Genealogy

Check out Robin Foster’s new online course, Going Social With Genealogy. In this course, you will “learn how to identify principles and tools which will help you to have more enriching relationships in finding, sharing, connecting and engaging with genealogists and others using social media.”

I learned about a few social media sites which I have not yet tried. Great job, Robin!


Robin R. Foster said...

Thanks Professor Dru! You have expert GenTech skills. I am glad you found the course usefull!

Professor Dru said...

Thanks Robin,

There's always more to learn.

Anonymous said...

Thanks & Praises to Robin And Professor Dru!

I really need for someone to clarify and demystify this aspect of genealogy. Sometimes I feel that I'm all over the place and then I feel as if I'm in a vacuum going nowhere with nobody. A part of my problem is time management in utilizing all of the social resources.

I think I need Robin's help. I think I need Robin's online course.

a3genealogy said...

Truly enjoyed!