Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday – Plumbline Church Cemetery

Weekly Genealogy Blogging Prompt Week #26: Visit a cemetery. Take photos and comment on unusual/unique grave monuments. Most cemeteries have at least a monument or two that make you stop and look, so do just that. Take a picture of the grave marker that made you pause and tell us why it did so, July 4, 2009.
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On Saturday, July 4, 2009, I visited the cemetery of Plumbline Holy Church in Enfield, NC where my great grandparents Minor Thornton I (1893-1966) and Morrisette (Marcia) Ashe Thornton (1892-1954) and other family members are buried.

Two grave markers caught my attention. One is the marker of my Aunt Lillian Ashe Johnson (1885-1950) who was a sister of my great grandmother Morrisette (Marcia) Ashe Thornton. The beautiful flowers are what caught my attention to this grave marker. See Aunt Lillian’s Grave Marker

The second unusual or unique grave maker belongs to Maple Pearlene Rudd (1920-1999) and it caught my attention because of the black color with white italic-style writing. Most grave markers I’ve seen are tan or gray tone and have a block-style print. Maple’s grave marker was the only marker of this color in the cemetery of Plumbline Holy Church. I do not know if Maple is kin to my family.


The Family Griot said...

Professor Dru, I love the headstone you picked. Similar to one in my Rounds Family cemetery. I posted something similar on my blog. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I did a blog post on Enfield, NC not long ago. Check it out..there may be something useful there to you

Tina said...

very nice cemetery you have choose with black color.

Barbara said...

My name is Barbara Caudle Whitaker. I am the grand daughter of Lillian Ashe Johnson. We know nothing about my grandmother's people. NOTHING! My mother was Francies Johnson Caudle, daughter of Lillian Ashe Johnson. I would love to make contact with the great niece of Lillian Ashe Johnson. Please Post again so that I can give you contact information.
Thank you,
Barbara Caudle Whitaker

Barbara Whitaker said...

My name is Barbara caudle Whitaker. I am the daughter of Frances Ann Johnson Caudle. I am the grandaughter of Lillian Ashe Johnson. I am interested in knowing more about the family. Please post again so I may leave my contact information.

Thank you,
Barbara Caudle- Whitaker