Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mitosearch DNA Database

Mitosearch is a free website by FamilyTreeDNA where individuals can enter both mitochondrial and Y-chromosome results for any DNA testing company. Other features of this website include searching site by Haplogroups, comparing DNA results with others, and contacting other testers whom you may have a DNA match.

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BeBooks said...

My daughter Melody and my Mitochondrial DNA goes back through Maude Raitt Jockisch and her mother Lillian Raitt (she married her first cousin) to Elizabeth Abbott Raitt.

We already have our Haplogroup (N1)
location 16145 16162 16176 16223 16344 16390
Sequence A G G T T A
reference G A C C C G

Location 16519 73 152 263 315.1
Sequence C G C G C
Reference T A T A -
This did not paste. Paulette E Anderson