Sunday, November 23, 2008

Double Cousins

I love this photo from the funeral program of Cousin Martha Johnson Eaddy (1928-2003). She was obviously a dog lover. Cousin Martha was a double cousin of my maternal grandmother Emma.

Martha’s father Charlie Johnson (1884-1951) was a brother of Grandma Emma’s father George Johnson (1893-1932). Both Charlie and George were sons of Plummer Johnson (1846-1917) and Susan Jerman Johnson (1858-1939). The Johnsons lived in the town of Ridgeway located in Warren County, NC.

Martha’s mother Kate Bullock Johnson (1888-?) was an aunt of Grandma Emma’s mother Bell Bullock Johnson (1890-1982) and a sister of Grandma Bell’s father Andrew Bullock (1862-1915). Both Kate and Andrew were children of Ottoway Bullock (1832-abt. 1907) of Warren County, NC. Kate was a daughter of Ottoway’s third wife Julia Taylor Bullock (1855-1921) and Andrew was the son of his first wife Mimmy Bullock (1835-bef. 1873).

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