Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Haplogroup Prediction Tool

Tonight, I found a Haplogroup prediction tool on The Genographic Project website. I used it to determine the Haplogroup of my DNA results from mitochondrial results from African Ancestry. According to this tool, I am in Haplogroup "X." African Ancestry says that my maternal results match the Biafada (Beafada) people in Guinea Bissau and the Temne people in Sierra Leone, however no Haplogroup was given with these DNA results. The only time I received a Haplogroup from African Ancestry with the U6a1 non-African results of my father’s maternal line.

I also tried the prediction tool by typing in markers for the U6a1 test results and the Haplogroup predictor did give "U" as the group classification.

Website: Genographic Haplogroup Prediction Tool

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