Thursday, June 26, 2008

Uncle Volley Bailey on the 1910 Census

After I found the 1920 census, then I discovered him on the 1910. From this census, I learned the name of his wife and the name of a son who was mentioned by his descendants. Willie L. Perhaps the descendants did not know the Volley and Lilly had a son named Willie. Uncle Volley and his family were living in the same location in 1910, as they were in 1920 census at 1716 Wall Street in the Richmond area of Chesterfield County. However, in 1910 he was listed as a “renter” of this property and in 1920, an owner. This serves as a clue for me to search for a property deed and/or land taxes for the years 1910-1920. The 1910 census also gives me an estimated marriage year of Volley and Lilly because it indicates that they married at age 20. Therefore, this marriage would have occurred around 1890.

The marital status of the son is listed ‘married’ for one year, however finding his marriage license would give me more information on the wife and possibly her whereabouts. If her occupation is some type of Domestic or Servant, then she may have been living with her employer in 1910.

Uncle Volley’s age is 50 on this 1910 census, which suggests a birth year of 1860. All ages given on censuses (1870, 1910, and 1920) all point to a birth year of 1860.

The 1910 census indicates that the occupation for Uncle Volley was a “Life Insurance Agent,” which confirms the occupation remembered by his descendants.

The 1910 census is the second document found on Uncle Volley and it furthers my research by giving the name of his wife, the name of a third child (a son), name of his occupation, age at time of marriage, and address.

To Be Continued . . .

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