Monday, June 23, 2008

Caroline Bailey

Caroline Bailey was the mother of my great grandmother Matilda Bailey Thornton (1856-1916) and he brother Volley Bailey (1860-1929). I suspect that there were other siblings, but I have not found any documentation verifying this relationship. Caroline Bailey was never listed on the census living in the household with her children. On the 1870 census, I found a 50-year old Caroline Bailey living in the household of Adam and Bettie (Betsy) Wilkins. Also in 1870, her children Matilda and Volley were living in the household of Josephine Bailey. The 1880 census indicates that Caroline was the mother-in-law of Adam Wilkins, therefore that would make her Betsy’s mother. I have yet found a marriage license for Adam and Besty. By 1880, Matilda was married to Plummer Thornton and living in Halifax County, NC.

1870 Census, Household of Adam Wilkins, Dalmatia Township, Halifax County, NC

1880 Census, Household of Adam Wilkins, Enfield Township of Halifax County, NC

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