Thursday, May 22, 2008

Three Sets of Children of Ellen Moore (continued)

Searching the 1880 census for Pleasant Lundy led my research to Chesterfield County, VA and to the family of Charles and Roxanna Lundy. Pleasant’s age progression from the 1870 census to the 1880 census is consistent (age 6 on the 1870 census and living with Washington and Ellen Moore in Greensville County, VA and age 16 on the 1880 census and living with Charles and Roxana Lundy in Chesterfield County, VA.)

1880 U. S. Census, Chesterfield County, VA, population schedule, roll #1361, Matoaca Township, ED 72, Page 4, Dwelling 32, Family 36, Lines 16-19.

Looking at the 1870 census of the household of Charles Lundy, I find two children listed—all of the first names of the two children in the household match the names told to me by Aunt Della. “My Grandma Ellen had children named David, Mary, and Pleasant,” she has said on numerous occasions. “They were not Washington Moore’s children,” she recalled.

1870 U. S. Census, Chesterfield County, VA, population schedule, roll #1640, Matoaca Township, Page 113/374, Dwelling 763, Family 891, Lines 9 -12.

The 1870 and 1880 censuses are the only documents I have found on Pleasant Lundy so far and the 1870 census is the only one found for David Lundy. However, further search of Mary Lundy, the daughter of Charles Lundy led to various revelations.

One document found on Mary Lundy was her 1884 marriage license to William Spratley in which her father was named as Charles Lundy. The mother on her marriage license was named as Ellen Lundy, rather than Roxana Lundy, who was listed as wife of Charles Lundy on the 1870 and 1880 censuses.

The marriage occurred on December 30, 1884 in Chesterfield County, VA. By 1900 William and Mary Lundy Spratley were living in the city of Petersburg, VA.

View of section of marriage license with name of parents of bride and groom.

To Be Continued . . .

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