Monday, May 26, 2008

Guinea Bissau Mission Trip

This photo slide show video looks like a mission trip of young people working in Guinea Bissau. This video brought tears to my eyes as I looked at the images of the people of Guinea Bissau, especially the children. Guinea Bissau is a country that I am connected to genetically through my maternal DNA and my father’s paternal DNA. I am thankful that through video, I am able to see the faces of the people of this West African country.

The music is a nice touch to this video. Even though I don’t understand the lyrics to the first song, “II mondo che vorrei,” it still sounds like a beautiful and powerful song. The second song “We Are the World” further adds an inspirational touch to this photo slide show of my genetic family.

Guinea Bissau 2006


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! African Ancestry testing on my dad shows his maternal ancestry matches those of the Balante and Brame people of Guinea Bissau. You have a wonderful blog.

Karen Ray

Unknown said...

According to AfricanAncestry my maternal lineage is from the Bramé people of Guinea-Bissau. Connect with me on Twitter & Instagram: @marstonfobbs