Friday, January 5, 2018

Genealogy Do-Over 2018

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Most genealogist fall into the craft without any formal training and get caught up in the excitement of “finding their folks.” This excitement leads to the mass accumulation of digital and/or paper documents and other resources which usually become overwhelming. 

I have been researching my family history for over 23 years and am one of the countless genealogists who finds themselves drowning in tons of genealogy data, documents, and other related resources. The Genealogy Do-Over has been a solution for me and many other genealogists to “learn new research approaches in order to improve and change our genealogy research habits.” The Genealogy Do-Over was started in January 2015 by Thomas MacEntee of Abundant Genealogy. It has returned for 2018 with the added bonus this year of the new DNA Do-Over group---click here to learn more.  

Although I have participated in the Genealogy Do-Over on several occasions since its inception in 2015, I have never completed the entire process. However, I have decided to begin the process once again. During the 2018 Genealogy Do-Over, I would like to accomplish the following: To improve in organizing and managing my genealogy data, digital and paper files on my pedigree line so that I can pass this information on to my three sisters and nieces and nephews.

I’m looking forward to much more success this time around! If you have not done so already, sign up now!

Happy Hunting!

“Professor Dru” aka Drusilla Pair


Unknown said...

This is my second year for the Do-Over. My first year was mostly watch and wait as I was involved in an HOA as Chair and it left little time to Do-Over. Along with that I was studying Organizational systems and Naming Systems also. Now that I have settled on a simplified Organization (digital) and naming file plan, I have sorted through my piles and set them aside. I have a new program (Roots Magic) and it has only 1 document, my birth certificate. I was hesitant with FTM because of the issues people were having with it, Roots Magic syncs but in a different way as you select what is syncing (if I have read it right). I am not a techie, so when those people duplicate, disappear, and information changes I am helpless and don’t want to go there again. I had one small issue with RM but was able to figure it out on my own, so feel that is a good sign, so, I am ready, willing and I think able to get the ball rolling in Do-Over 2018. I hope to hone my research skills, and my Source citing, even though I think my kids if they ever become interested, will rather see it in black and white on paper. Thank you.

Mark said...

First much success on your do-overs. I am almost new to Genealogy; but as I was amassing all sorts of documents I ran into something that I can only best describe as a bad smell. I had two comments my first was to an unknown person who never heard my comment of where are your source documents. The second comment was heard as I uttered to myself and where are yours! I realized what an error I was making (college did pay off) and now for those who will see my work they will also see documented sources.