Sunday, January 7, 2018

Month 1-Genealogy Do-Over Setting Previous Research Aside-Paper Files

Mission Statement:  During the 2018 Genealogy Do-Over, I would like to accomplish the following: To improve in organizing and managing my genealogy data, digital and paper files on my pedigree line so that I can pass this information on to my three sisters and nieces and nephews.

In order to set previous research aside, you have to be able to find the documents. My paper files are scattered throughout my house. Most are housed in boxes upstairs in several rooms; some are organized in colored folders and others are not. However, some are scattered in various locations downstairs where I last worked with them because I did not return the papers to the permanent filing location. Last year, I began putting orphan genealogy papers found downstairs into a banker's boxes.

Notes to Self
  1. One of my goals this month is to continue this process of gathering genealogy related documents located downstairs into one place into banker's boxes. 
  2. Next, I want to begin sorting and purging the contents of these boxes before placing them in their permanent location. 
  3. My long term goal is to move all of my genealogy related papers and resources to one room upstairs.

I will report on my progress with this task at a later time.

Happy Hunting!

“Professor Dru” aka Drusilla Pair

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