Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tweeting During Lecture


Nadasue of Into the Light and I attended a lecture by Dr. Cassandra Newby-Alexander on African Americans in Civil War Virginia. We had a great time tweeting during the lecture. Click here to read our tweets. The lights were turned off during most of the presentation so that we could see the PowerPoint, so excuse the typos. Thanks to all who were reading and responding to our tweets.

Professor Dru


Darlene said...

'scuse my ignorance Dru, but i don't tweet. How come it looks like Robin is in the conversation and not you? is that some kind of setting thing? or maybe you borrowed Robin's mobile device?

Renate Yarborough Sanders said...

It was a funny moment just now as I scrolled down through my reader, and there I was! LOL!
Thanks for including me in your post. You got a good shot of that profile which earned me the nickname, "Bird" when I was growing up!
Looking forward to our next AAHGS event. :)


Mavis said...

How cool that you and Renate got to meet in person.