Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Morgan Freeman's Comments on Black History Month

Today, February 1st, begins the Black History Month celebrations for 2011. When I was in school the 1970s, Black History month was only a week. Unfortunately, I don't remember what I learned during this week long celebrations. Later, it became a month long celebration. But there are some people, including African Americans like actor Morgan Freeman, who feel that there is not a need for Black History Month. I feel the special celebrations and recognitions in February of African American achievement are great and should continue, but as a blogger and genealogist, I celebrate Black History everyday.

What do you think of Morgan Freeman's comments about Black History Month?


Diana Ritchie said...

I like his comments - especially when he says, "Black history is American history."

I feel I can only comment on this from my perspective as female - I do not like the fact that there is a section in many bookstores called "Women's literature" - seriously it's LITERATURE. I feel the same way about history - until we can find a way to bring Black history, feminist history and anything else we have somehow separated out back into HISTORY we are continuing to marginalize it.

I also love YOUR statement, "I celebrate Black History everyday" As it should be.

Anonymous said...

Hello Professor Dru,

Although Morgan Freeman is a noted actor, I don't think he right-on in his assessment on Black History Month.

We NEED Black History Month. Some folks need an excuse to learn about our history and culture; otherwise they won't be compelled to learn and thus continue to be mis-educated.

That's my knee-jerk reaction. lol

Peace & Blessings,
"Guided by the Ancestors"

Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

I like his point of view. I would much rather have kids learn all year long about people of all races and ethnicity in context of what they are studying.

Quite honestly most of the black history I've learned has been from you and other bloggers. Hopefully schools do a better job teaching history now than they did way back when I was in school.