Friday, September 17, 2010

Sweet Honey in the Rock - Wanting Memories

This is a wonderful video with fantastic family photos.


Terry LIGON said...

Thanx for bringing this wonderful video to our attention. I've always enjoyed the music of Sweet Honey in the Rock and this adds to my fondness for the group.

One thing that was an eye opener, that being her parents evidently did not share that rich history with the child while they were alive is almost tragic.

Here she speaks of seeking the very memories they left (and they are beautiful photographs) I can only hope the people in them were identified.

Again, thanx so much for sharing, I truly enjoyed the presentation.

Professor Dru said...

Terry, I also wondered why her parents did not share these photos with their daughter while they were alive. I also hoped that these photos were labeled. Looks like this family had lots of fun during several generations.