Friday, September 10, 2010

Googling My Name

Today, I typed my name in on Google just to see if there was anything new on the web about me that I didn’t know about. I do this from time to time and often discover something I did not know was out there. In some cases, I discover that my blog has been referenced on a website I didn’t know about.

Today, I learned about two new things on the Internet about myself. One was a blog posting by Thomas MacEntee of Geneabloggers entitled Drusilla Pair Television Interview and the second thing was that my interview was on YouTube . I knew that the interview video was on the website of the Another View. television show, but had not seen it on YouTube. I had thought about searching for the interview on YouTube prior to my discovery today, but somehow had not gotten around to doing the search.

The biggest benefit for me of having the video on YouTube is being able to copy the Embed code so that the video window can be displayed on another site such as a blog as seen as the bottom of this posting.

Thanks Thomas MacEntee for featuring my TV interview on your blog.

Another View – Genealogy


Thomas MacEntee said...

No problem - I loved the interview! And I wish you the best of luck at the genealogy event this weekend!

One note: every blogger should set up a Google Alert for their name. Not only is it a good way to tell when another site or blog mentions you, it can also give you a heads up about splogs stealing your content.

Professor Dru said...

Thanks for the tip, Thomas.