Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Power of Communication Technology

Today, during my lunch break, I sat in my office listening to a radio interview of my friend and fellow Blogger, Linda Mose Meadows, of The Blessedness of Believing blog. I was smiling from ear to ear as if it were my interview. I was so proud of my friend.

The interview was conducted by WUFO 1080 AM, a radio station in Buffalo, NY where Linda was born and raised. Linda and I both live in Virginia and she was able to do the interview via telephone and I was able to hear the interview by accessing the radio station’s website. I learned about this technology earlier this year when one of my genealogy friends, who lives in California, invited a group of other genealogist to listen to his radio interview. I was amazed that I was sitting in my home in Virginia listening to a radio interview from California.

When Linda first told me about her interview, I told her that the technology should be available to listen to her hometown’s radio station anywhere via the Internet. I check the Internet, and yes, her home station had this technology on their site. Just a few years ago, who would have imagined being able to listen to a radio station from another state. Thank God for technology!

The radio interview focused on Linda’ book, The Blessedness of Believing: A Devotional Journey of Life’s Lessons and God’s Promises, and she was thrilled for the opportunity to connect with her hometown via radio. I was excited for her also.

As I listened to the interview in my office, I also taped it using my digital voice recorder. There were a few glitches with the computer slowing up, but the interview still came through loud and clear. The digital recording was converted through Windows Movie Maker so that it could be heard on the web.


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