Monday, September 7, 2009

Memory Monday: Table Decor at Carroll Family Reunion

This week's Memory Monday posting is in the form of a video. Last week, I learned how to convert a PowerPoint file into a video which can be played in the RealPlayer media player, posted on a website or blog, or on YouTube.

I have written several postings about the 2009 Carroll Family Reunion. This week's posting focuses on the table decor at this reunion. Below are links to previous postings about this family reunion.

  • Finger Lickin’ Good Food at Family Reunion

  • Carroll Family Reunion

  • The Spiritual Legacy of Bessie Bullock Carroll (1901-1991)

  • This video was made using Microsoft PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker. For more information on how to make a video using these software packages, visit this webpage on my PowerPointer's Blog: Converting PowerPoint to Video. For MAC users, the video mentions websites with instructions for PowerPoint and Movie Making on a MAC. In Movie Maker, you can add video, still photos, music, and narration (voice using a computer microphone). In today's video, I converted my PowerPoint slides to still photos (.jpeg format), and added narration.
    I still have a lot to learn abou video making and am excited about using this technology to enhance my blog and to be able to upload PowerPoint files onto the Internet. I encourage other bloggers to try this technology.


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