Friday, January 23, 2009

Creating a Podcast

As an instructor of online courses, I began using voice in my courses for lectures and announcements. Prior to using voice, everything was text and reading. However, adding voice to the course has enhanced student learning and course interaction. Students are also able to record verbal responses to questions.

Now that I see the value of adding voice in an online environment for learning, I’d like to try podcasting or adding voice to my blog. I already have the needed computer microphone and I understand that software needed for podcasting is free. I hope that that my fellow bloggers will join me in learning how to use this tool. Here are some video tutorials which explain the podcasting process.

Creating a Podcast

Podcasting in Plain English

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Becky Thompson said...

Dru, I haven't seen any instructions like this before. I'm so glad you posted it. Thank you!