Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Having a Good Time

The tall man in the middle of this photo was George Goode (abt. 1900-1956), who was the husband of my Aunt Lena Bullock Goode Dunn (1902-1949). Lena was a half sister of my great great grandfather Andrew Bullock (1862-1915). I do not know the names of George Goode's friends in this photo, but they all look like they were having a great time!


my Heritage Happens said...

Hi Professor Dru! I nominated you for the Proximidate Award! Please go http://heritagehappens.blogspot.com/2008/12/proximidade-award.html for more information!

Merry Christmas!

Cindy said...

Hey Professor Dru - I also nominated you for this award - see my blog post of 12/22 on http://genealogybycindy.blogspot.com I also sent you an email that evening but with the Holiday being almost upon us, you probably hadn't read it yet! Congrats on your double award! Your blog is very cool and much deserving!
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Professor Dru said...

Thanks to both of you (Cindy and Msteri) for nominating me for the Proximidate award. I will respond to the award questions as soon as I can.

Professor Dru said...


I did receive your email, but have not had time to respond.