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Locating New Records on the Military Service of Uncle Andrew Bullock

367th Regiment Infantry,
The "Buffaloes", presented with colors. The "Buffaloes" singing the National Anthem, 1917 - ca. 1919,

Once in a while, I search online genealogy sites such as to see if there are any new records available.  One way I do this is by clicking on the little leaf next to individual names in my Family Tree Maker genealogy file.  When I clicked on the leaf next to the name of my Great Grand Uncle Andrew Bullock, I discovered that new military records about him were available online.  

Blog Series About Uncle Andy B.
Perhaps, some of you may recall in 2010, the 12-part series I wrote on Uncle Andrew Bullock whom I affectionately call “Uncle Andy B.”  For those of you who either missed it or don’t remember, Uncle Andy B. was a brother of my great-grandmother Bell Bullock Johnson (1890-1982).  He left Vance County, North Carolina possibly in his teens (prior to 1917) and moved to New York and remained in that state until he died in 1972.  During interviews with family members and friends of the family, no one seemed to remember much about Uncle Andy B. since he left North Carolina at an early age.  In an attempt to learn more about this brother of my great-grandmother, I decided to analyze and write about the few documents I had collected on him. (click here.) 

Locating New Record on Uncle Andy B.'s Military Career
I found this new information about Uncle Andy B.’s military career from the “Abstracts of World War I Military Service, 1917-1919” records on  

This document above provided me with more detail on Uncle Andy B’s military service such as the start and end dates for his military in the United States Army (October 30, 1917 – March 10, 1919).  Prior to finding this document, I only knew the start date of his military service from his U. S. Veterans Gravesite record which was also found on some time ago. (Figure 3)

In order to make sense of my research findings related to Uncle Andy B.’s military service during World War One, I created a timeline. 

New Research Journey
World War I research is a whole new research journey for me and I look forward to the ride.  Because of locating this new military record on my Uncle Andrew Bullock, study of World War I is now more meaningful to me as a researcher and as a family member of a man who served his country and participated in this significant world event.

National Archives -St. Louis
I am preparing for a trip to St. Louis later this month to speak at the conference of the St. Louis African American History and GenealogySociety (STL-AAHGS)  While there, I hope to be able to visit the St. Louis-National Archives in hopes of finding additional information on my Uncle Andy B. and his involvement in World War I. 

They Came to Fight 
To learn more about the history of the African American soldier during World War I, watch the video, “They Came to Fight”.


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