Friday, January 21, 2011

Genealogy Education

Hope that all of you out there have either begun various forms of genealogy educaton or are making plans to do so throughout the year.

Angela Walton-Raji did a great job in this video in her discussion about various genealogy educational opportunities.

For me, I plan to update my knowledge first by reading or rereading some of the numerous genealogy books in my personal library. Secondly, I'm looking at some of the online course opportunities which Angela mentioned in her video. Thirdly, I plan to attend some local and regional genealogy conferences. And finally, I plan to attend at least one national genealogy related conference later this year.

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Diana Ritchie said...

Ah yes - reading some of the genealogy books already IN my personal library would be a great idea!! I just love books and buy way too many about all the things I want to learn/know - and I do love reading, but all too often I don't follow up by really studying the information they contain. I think this would be a great goal for me this year!!