Monday, October 31, 2011

Flip-Pal Demo by Dear Myrtle

This following video was originally posted on my blog November 15, 2011.

I had fun watching Dear Myrtle demonstrate how to use her new toy, a flip-pal mobile scanner during the 2010 Atlanta Family History Expos.


October 31, 2011 - I am pleased to have been chosen as one of seven bloggers to participate in the Simple Gifts Blog Hop, which will run November 4th - 25th.

Congratulations also to the six other lucky bloggers:

* Sheri Fenley - The Educated Genealogist -
* Marian Pierre Louis - Roots and Rambles -
* Caroline Pointer - For Your Family Story -
* Heather Wilkinson Rojo - Nutfield Genealogy -
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Like Dear Myrtle, I look forward to having fun using my new toy and I'm sure that my other Blog Hopper Colleagues also anticipate the fun.

Hope that the UPS man drops by today with my toy like he did at Julie Cahill Tarr's house. Will post more later about my plans for using this fantastic gift.


Astrid said...

I love my portable scanner. I took it with me on my genealogy trip to Norway this past summer.


Mavis said...

I asked Santa to bring me one of these for Christmas.

DearMYRTLE said...

Thanks for posting this video. Since that day, we've used our Flip-Pal scanner a number of times. The hardest thing to do was to scan a small oil painting that belonged to my husband's grandmother. Not wanting to remove it from the frame, we elected to:

1. Place the painting in its frame on a table.
2. Place the Flip-Pal on the frame.
3. Cover the two with a towel (to prevent light from the sides entering into the scan.

And it worked!