Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Bridge to Somewhere

Although I was not able to attend the Obama rally in my city on October 4, 2008, I passed by the street bridge which led to the area where he spoke. In this photo, these people had walked across the street bridge into the downtown Newport News area where Senator Obama would be speaking that afternoon.

I had been out of town on a retreat that day and the Interstate exit to my home was on the other side of this bridge. I drove through this exit around 12:30 p.m. as people were on their way to the rally. The people I saw were probably the late ones who would have been in the back of the crowd.

As I sat at the stop light after exiting the Interstate, I watched from my rear view mirror and driver's window, the masses of people beginning their walk across the bridge which was in the opposite direction of where I was driving. As I drove through the green light, to my left I saw rows of cars for several blocks and people walking towards the bridge. That's not a bridge to No Where, I thought, It's a Bridge to Somewhere. I continued my drive home wishing that I had been home earlier so that I could have attended the rally.

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Colleen said...

How Exciting! Perhaps you'll find a way to fit this event to the Tag I'm sending. The task is described at!