Friday, September 26, 2008

The Death of Ottoway Bullock

Many early North Carolina marriage licenses indicate whether the parents of the bride and groom were alive or dead. Since official death certificates did not begin until 1913 in North Carolina, this information on the marriage licenses has been invaluable in my family research prior to 1913. In order to estimate the time frame of death for North Carolina ancestors who died prior to 1913, it is necessary to locate the marriage licenses of all of their children if possible, not just your direct line.

Ottoway Bullock, who was born February 1832, was the father of my great great grandfather Andrew Bullock (1862-1915). Through searching the marriage licenses of Andrew’s brothers Oscar and Nathan, I have been able to determine that Ottoway Bullock died sometime between March 1906 and December 1907.

  • Oscar Bullock, married Mattie Burnett on March 11, 1906. The marriage license states that his father, Ottoway Bullock, was alive.
  • Nathaniel (Nathan) Bullock, married Lillian Howard on December 29, 1907 in the Smith Creek township of Warren County. Nathan’s parents were listed as Julia Bullock, who was still living, and O. Bullock who was listed as dead by this date. (I assume that O. Bullock stood for Ottoway Bullock.

Marriage License of Oscar Bullock to Mattie Burnett

Marriage License of Nathan Bullock to Lillian Howard


Unknown said...

Also one must consider the possibility and, in some cases, the probality of mistakes made when information is (was) entered on the official documents. For example, on my official birth certificate, my middle name is mispelled along with my father's middle name. I have seen marriage certificates that have errors in the ages of the bride and/or groom, errors in the notations of witnesses, and so on.

Unknown said...

I am a great granddaughter of Oscar and Mattie Bullock so it was exciting to find this information on my family.