Monday, March 9, 2009

The Sunshine Girls

The Sunshine Girls (left to right) Tunisha, LaVetta, Drusilla (Me), and Maria helped me begin my 40th birthday celebrations.

Prior to my current employment, which began in December 1999, I had never been one to hang out with coworkers outside of work, but several years ago I bonded with these three coworkers in this photo. We called ourselves "The Sunshine Girls," a name that came about after one of the coworkers (Tunisha) and I took a bus trip to New York with a bus company called Sunshine Tours. After this trip in April 2000 or 2001, Tunisha and I began addressing each other as "Sunshine." I don't remember whether we began hanging out with the other two coworkers before, or after our New York trip. However, as our relationship evolved, the name "Sunshine Girls" stuck to this group.

The four of us, all single at the time, would go out for dinner, a concert, or other activity occasionally. When I turned 40 in September 2003, I told Maria, a coworker of Phillipine descent, that I had never been to a Japanese Restaurant. As a result, she invited me to a local Japanese restaurant to celebrate my birthday, along with the two other Sunshine Girls. This celebration, which I call my Pre-40th Birthday event, was held two weeks prior to my actual birthday and big 4-0 party.

The Sunshine Girls posing (left to right) Tunisha, Drusilla (Me), Maria, and LaVetta

Today, there are only two Sunshine Girls still working in my current employment organization and the two of us often remininense about our the Sunshine Girls. Although, I miss the time all of us spent together many years ago, I will forever cherish these wonderful memories. I thank God for these Sunshine sisters and for the the joy that they brought to my life during our times together.

ForEver Sunshine Girls!


Maria and Rodney said...

I am so flattered by this section of the blog...Thank you! I truly miss the group seems that we have separated far apart; but in our hearts, we are just one click away. Sunshine Girls will alway be there. Hopefully, we can have a "Sunshine Girls" reunion one day. I miss you and I love you guys.

Maria and Rodney said...

I am flattered by the section of the blog, thank you!! I truly miss the Sunshine Girls too. It seems that we have separated far apart; but know that in our hearts, we are just one click away. Hopefully, we can have a "Sunshine Girls" reunion one day. I love you and I miss you "Sunshine Girls."

LaVetta Cameron said...

I am also very flattered and I really miss all of you. We must have a reunion when Maria returns to the States. Love and miss all of you.