Monday, March 23, 2009

Proud “Auntie” Moments

One of my proudest moments as an Aunt was hearing two of my nephews (Ryan and Eddie) sing solos at my mother’s funeral in August 2007. I knew that several of my nephews were talented in playing musical instruments such as keyboard, bass guitar, and drums, and I expected them to play an instrument rather than sing at the funeral. However, I did not know that they could sing so well. Several people remarked on how good my nephews sang.

Another proud “Auntie” moment came earlier that year at our Moore Family Union in Emporia, VA during the summer of 2007. The same two nephews who sang at my mother’s funeral played musical instruments at the Saturday night banquet of the reunion. As seen in the photo above, Ryan played drums and Eddie played the keyboard along with my first cousin Watkins on bass guitar. They sounded fantastic and played well together as if they did it all the time. I don’t think that they had ever played together, but they blended together as if they were a permanent group.

I was on the family reunion banquet program to talk about the Moore family history. Before I began my talk, I proudly announced to the audience that the two young musicians were my nephews and that I was very proud of their musical talents.

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