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Monday, October 27, 2008

Identity of the Third Usher

Tonight, I had a phone conversation with two newly found cousins from New York. One of them recently visited my blog and posted a comment. I was very excited to make contact with her by phone.

One the positive things from this conversation tonight is that I learned the name of a lady usher who was in a photo with my Aunt Mary. I've looked at this photo many times since I was a child. My grandmother was only able to indentify two of the three ushers, her sister Mary Johnson (right side) and their cousin Katie Higgs Haskins (middle). The usher on the left hand side has been identified as Ida Washington.

Never Give Up in Genealogical Quest! You never knows WHEN and WHERE new discoveries will come.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Aunt Mary’s Notebook

Aunt Mary Johnson (1927-1986) was a sister of my maternal grandmother. One of the things I inherited of hers is a notebook which contains Bible study and church notes. A cousin gave me this 7.5 x 8 notebook that was written possibly around 1953 and 1954. Only two pages of this notebook contain dates. Most of the pages are handwritten, but one page it typewritten. When I was a young girl, I used to receive letters written from Aunt Mary. However, I do not have any of those letters now. The gift of this notebook is precious because it gives me a sample of Aunt Mary’s handwriting that I used to read many years ago. Aunt Mary served Little Mt. Zion Holy Church in White Plains, NY as Sunday school teacher, president of the choir, vice president of the missionary department, member of the usher board, and secretary. Some of these notes in this notebook may have been recorded as Church secretary.
Bible Study Notes

Typewritten Notes

Youth Day Offering

Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Lady Ushers

These are ushers from the Little Mt. Zion Holy Church in White Plains, NY. Photos may have been taken sometime in the 1940s or 1950s. This church was started by Pennie Johnson Higgs (1873-1966,) a sister of my great-grandfather George Johnson (1893-1932.)

(Left to right) Ann Pope, a stepgranddaughter of my Aunt Pennie Johnson Higgs; Fannie Thomas; Helen Alston, a daughter of my Aunt Elsa Johnson Alston; and unknown name of lady to right. Elsa Johnson Alston was another sister of my great grandfather George Johnson.

These ushers pose for a different shot with the unknow lady in front, followed by Helen Alston, Fannie Thomas, and Anna Pope.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sacred Sunday: Adult Choir at Little Mt. Zion Holy Church

This is a a photo I recently received of the adult choir at Little Mt. Zion Holy Church in White Plains, NY. This church was started by Pennie Johnson Higgs, a sister of my grandfather, George Johnson. She is the older lady to the right in this photo with the white hat and scarf. My maternal grandmother's sister Mary, also attended this church. She is the tall woman on the back row to the left. Aunt Pennie died in December 1966.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sacred Sunday

The Usher Board

Photo: (left to right) Unidentified lady, Kattie Higgs Haskins, and Mary Johnson

My great Aunt Mary Johnson (1927-1986) was a member of the usher board of the Little Mt. Zion Church in White Plains, NY. She had been raised in the Union Chapel Holy Church in Ridgeway, NC where her parents and paternal aunts and uncles were founding members of the church. As a young woman, she moved to White Plains, NY where her paternal Aunt Pennie Johnson Higgs lived and had founded Little Mt. Zion Holy Church. Aunt Pennie also had been a founding member of Union Chapel Holy Church in Ridgeway, NC.

Ushers serve as greeters and are the first impression of a church service. They are responsible to ensuring that parishioners are properly seated and in some cases escort them to their seat. Church ushers also hand out church programs or if these are available. If a church visitor feels insulted by the attitude of any usher, it may influence his/her opinion of the church as a whole and may even affect their ability to be inspired by the sermon or music. Therefore it was important for Aunt Mary and the other ushers to always be pleasant and greet parishioners with a smile.

I grew up in a church affiliated with the United Holy Church of America, Inc. during the 1960s to early 1980s in Newport News, VA. Aunt Mary’s church in New York was also affiliated with the same church organization. During this time, female ushers in my church typically wore white nurse uniforms and nurse shoes, white gloves, and a badge that with the word “Usher.” Nurse shoes during that day came in various styles usually with a soft sole. A lot of the shoes I remember had shoe strings instead of a loafer style. Some ushers also wore white shoes with a little heel like the one that Aunt Mary and the two ushers in this photo are wearing. The sash that Aunt Mary and the other two ladies are wearing a sash may not have been part of their normal uniform accessory, but may have been used for a special occasion such as usher an anniversary. The sash reads as follows:

Usher Board
Little Mt. Zion
United Holy Church
White Plains, NY
I do not know the identity of the lady in the left of the photo; however the lady in the middle was Kattie Higgs Haskins, a paternal first cousin of Aunt Mary. Her sash indicates that she was “President” of the Usher Board. Kattie was born in North Carolina and was a daughter of Aunt Pennie Johnson Higgs, the founder of Little Mt. Zion and a sister of my great grandfather, George Johnson.

On this Sacred Sunday, I salute Aunt Mary and all the ushers in my family of the past, present, and future!