Sunday, October 11, 2009

How to Tie An African Head Wrap

I am busy preparing to attend the International Black Genealogy Summit later this month where I will be presenting a workshop entitled “The Power of Blogging.” Besides fine tuning my presentation, I am working on plans for the trip such as choosing the workshops I want to attend and my wardrobe for the conference. I noticed on the program that wearing African attire is recommended for two events (a banquet and a luncheon). It will be fun to participate in the wearing of ethnic garb so I have been researching the Internet to get ideas for possible African outfits which might either be a caftan, skirt set, or pants set along with an African scarf or head wrap.

Part of my Internet research included searching for videos which demonstrated ways to tie an African head wrap or gele. This video is sponsored by Dupsies, a vendor of African styled clothing, jewelry, and other products.

Below are three videos demonstrating three different ways to tie an African head wrap. My preference is style #2, but I’ll try all three to determine which one looks best on me.

How to tie your African Head Wrap, Part 1

How to Tie an African Head Wrap, Part 2

How to Tie an African Head Wrap, Part 3


Miriam said...

Very neat. I hope that you'll take some photos of yourself in traditional African garb and post them on your blog!

Professor Dru said...

I will definitely take photos and post to blog, Miriam.