Saturday, October 31, 2009

African Queen

After weeks of planning my African attire to wear to the banquet of the International Black Genealogy Summit, the day finally arrived for me to wear the outfit and all of the accessories I choose.

“I want to look like royalty,” I told family and friends.

I ordered the caftan from Dupsies, an African attire vendor I discovered through YouTube. The outfit was ordered on a Wednesday and arrived two days later. The outfit came with a matching head wrap, but after my niece hooked me up with a gorgeous hairdo, I decided not to wrap my head. Read more about my hairdo.

Posing to show off my jewelry.

Posing with online friends, Sharon and Jennifer

The smile says it all!

Modeling my outfit at work with matching head wrap.


Carolyn said...

Dru, I was going to suggest that you wear your orange suit because you look so good in that color. This is nearly the same color and is even better! Is this outfit traditional to your ancestors area of Africa or is it sort of universal?

Miriam said...

The caftan is gorgeous, and so are you! While I love the look of the headband, I'm glad you chose to show off your niece's handiwork!

discuss said...

Dru, you ladies look absolutely georgeous! I love that color on you

Anonymous said...

Wish I could've attended. You and the others look beautiful...Tina

jamie said...

Professor Dru

I attended your presentation at the IBGS Conference Friday. You were good. I'm not a techie, but understand now how to create a blog. Thanks.

pix2fix said...

Dru, that is a wonderful caftan and I especially like it with your new hairdo -- you made the right choice to show it off instead of using the head wrap.

Amy Coffin said...

Gorgeous! The color and detail in the caftan are stunning.