Thursday, April 30, 2009

As You Are, So Once Was I

“As You Are, So Once Was I” is a series of videos of Pacific Northwest pioneer stories brought back to life. Each of the videos is set in Vancouver’s Old City Cemetery and begins with a shot of the grave marker of the deceased followed by an actor portraying the person. The videos are presented by the Vancouver Heritage Ambassadors, State of Washington.

What a creative idea for the Heritage Ambassadors to honor the deceased of this cemetery by portraying their stories on video. As I visited the cemetery at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in the Skippers area of Greensville County, VA this past Sunday, I thought about the video. What if the deceased in this cemetery (Antioch) could have their story told, what would it say?

In the video series, “As You Are, So Once Was I,” each character explained how they came to the Pacific Northwest. What if the residents of the Antioch cemetery could tell their life story and their affiliation with Antioch church? What a powerful story this would be for me as a family historian, as well as the current members of this church.

“As You Are, So Once Was I” portrays the stories of five individuals: 1) Maria Hidden, 2) John Mickey, 3) Esther Short, 4) Sarah Jane Anderson, and 5) Jarius Harmer.


Maria Hidden, 1847-1924
Pacific Northwest pioneer Maria Hidden comes back to life and recites a political stump speech she made as an early women's Suffrage Movement member in Vancouver, WA.

  • Maria Hidden Video

  • John Mickey 1834-1924
    Pacific Northwest pioneer John Mickey comes back to life and shares his story as a "stump farmer" in Vancouver, WA in the mid-1800's. The

  • John Mickey Video

  • Esther Short, 1806-1862
    Pacific Northwest pioneer Esther Short comes back to life to tell her story of settling in territory claimed by both the U.S. and Britain's Hudson's Bay Co.

  • Esther Short Video

  • Sarah Jane Anderson, 1837-1912
    Pacific Northwest pioneer Sarah Jane Anderson comes back to life and tells of early community and medical developments in Vancouver, WA.

  • Sarah Jane Anderson Video

  • Jarius Harmer, 1843-1886
    Pacific Northwest Civil War soldier Jarius Harmer recounts his time with the Union Army and eventual move to Vancouver, WA.

  • Jarious Harmer Video

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