Friday, June 12, 2009

The Reuniting of a Mother and Son

On yesterday, as I was drinking my morning coffee and watching The Today Show, I saw a heart warming story about the reunion of a mother and son who had not seen each other in over 40 years. In 1966, 3 year old Ron Stewart was abducted by his father. The mother had been told that her son was killed and the son had been told that his mother was dead.

Recently the wife of the son did genealogy research and connected with a relative of her husband’s mother who told her that she (the mother) was alive. Before telling her husband of the recent discovery, the wife took steps to verify that Rose Hinkley was who she said she was.

I cried as I watched this mother and son holding hands and telling their story to Matt Lauer. I wish them the best as they begin a new chapter in their lives. Congratulations to Mrs. Stewart in her genealogical success in connecting her husband with his mother.

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two pennies said...

Wow Professor Dru, I am still crying over this story. I am so glad that this mom and son found each other.