Monday, May 26, 2008

Guinea Bissau Mission Trip

This photo slide show video looks like a mission trip of young people working in Guinea Bissau. This video brought tears to my eyes as I looked at the images of the people of Guinea Bissau, especially the children. Guinea Bissau is a country that I am connected to genetically through my maternal DNA and my father’s paternal DNA. I am thankful that through video, I am able to see the faces of the people of this West African country.

The music is a nice touch to this video. Even though I don’t understand the lyrics to the first song, “II mondo che vorrei,” it still sounds like a beautiful and powerful song. The second song “We Are the World” further adds an inspirational touch to this photo slide show of my genetic family.

Guinea Bissau 2006

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! African Ancestry testing on my dad shows his maternal ancestry matches those of the Balante and Brame people of Guinea Bissau. You have a wonderful blog.

Karen Ray