Saturday, May 10, 2008

Revealing DNA Results to Family

Below are videos of the revealing of the DNA results of six famous individuals. Most of these results were revealed by Gina Paige, a cofounder of the African Ancestry DNA company, at the family reunion of the famous individual. We see in these videos tears, joy at hearing about their African connection.

Watching these videos gives me creative ideas on how I will reveal the DNA results to my father’s family in an upcoming reunion in July. I have not decided on the method yet, but want it to be creative.

The famous individuals whose DNA results were revealed are:

  • Dr. Dorothy Height, Chairman of the National Council of Negro Women
  • Singer India Irie
  • Actor Isaiah Washington
  • T.V.’s Judge Hachett
  • Emmy-award winning news anchor Susan Kidd
  • Actress Vanessa A. Williams

Dr. Height African Ancestry Reveal

India Arie African Ancestry Reveal & Testimonial

Isaiah Washington and African Ancestry on GMA

Judge Hatchett Finds Her African Roots On Air

Susan Kidd African Ancestry Reveal

Vanessa A. Williams and African Ancestry on ABC News

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