Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dear Myrtle

I’m excited about attending the 2010 Atlanta Family History Expos next week and being able to meet other bloggers like Dear Myrtle (Old Myrt) aka Pat Richley. I’ve been following Dear Myrtle’s Blog since I began blogging over two years ago.

Today during lunch, I watched two interviews by Dick Eastman of Myrt at genealogy conferences. I learned from the Roots Television videos below that Myrt also has two other websites:
Dear Myrtle Interview by Dick Eastman at Family History Expos

Dear Myrtle Interview by Dick Eastman at Jamboree 2009

To Myrtle and the other Bloggers of Honor, SAVE PROFESSOR DRU A SEAT in booths numbers 605, 606, and 607 at the Atlanta Family History Expos. Smile.


Family History Expos said...

Consider your seat saved!

Myrt said...

Drusilla, it was like old home week. There we were in Atlanta, sitting next to each other. And we KNOW each other because of this "social networking" stuff. It was a joy to meet you!