Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Braided Crown

Hair braiding or corn rowing hair has been around for thousands of years for African American women. I have worn crown styles of my natural hair or either had a little hair added to make the braids thicker and fuller. Added hair, known as braid hair, comes in a variety of textures and styles. I have worn styles using wavy/curly hair where this hair is braided in my own hair to the ends of my hair, and the added hair is left loose for a long pony tail

In this photo, I am wearing one of my favorite braid styles which I wore for the 1998 Bullock Family Reunion held in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am standing with James, one of my Bullock cousins, who was the host of the 1998 family reunion.

My hair was braided in thin corn-row braids in a circular pattern around my head. One or two thick braids were incorporated into the hair to create the hat-like crown.

The video below demonstrates the method of braiding hair by adding synthetic hair to the natural hair.

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