Monday, March 16, 2009

Dru, The Teenage Usher

When I was around age 14 or 15, I organized a Youth Usher Board in my church. This was sometime in 1978 or 1979. The original group of ushers consisted of ten females. About three or four of us were teenagers and the rest were young girls, probably as young as age six. Two of my sisters also served on the Usher Board with me.

I don’t remember my exact reasons for starting this group other than this was around the time that I began getting heavily involved in church activities. Perhaps I was also inspired to usher because my maternal grandfather had ushered for many years. By the time I organized this usher board, his health was beginning to fail, and he was not able to usher as often as he had previously done.

We ushered one Sunday a month and had uniforms (fushia vest, white blouse, and white skirt). I came up with the idea of the uniform colors because someone in my church gave us a large bolt of fushia double-knit fabric, which was estimated to be enough for ten vests. We purchased white double knit fabric to make ten skirts. I don’t remember whether we raised the money ourselves for the skirt fabric or if it was donated. Each usher was responsible for providing their own white blouse. I sewed many of the uniforms myself, but did get a little help from some ladies in my church.

I served on this Youth Usher Board until I left for college in August 1981.

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